Mariana Sadovska Songs I Learned in Ukraine
[Global Village 819 (2001)]

Mariana Sadovska was born in the Ukraine and has learned all of her songs from traditional informants so one assumes that the style is fairly close to the way they sang them. This is interesting, as her delivery often seems very dramatic compared to the norms for Irish, Scottish, English, or American traditional singers.
She judiciously overdubs a second vocal at times, and the instrumental accompaniment is limited to a harmonium. The spare presentation suits the songs which are varied and evocative. Some have the ardent but doleful quality associated with Russian songs, and others may remind the listener of Bulgarian music, but repeated listening makes it plain that this tradition is very distinct. Sadovska's vocal quality is fragile compared with that of Bulgarian singers, which lends an engaging, vulnerable quality to he singing.
Strongly recommended, especially in view of the dearth of recordings of Ukrainian music. (DB)

Dirty Linen June / July 02 #100