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Acclaimed Ukrainian Musician, Protester, and Translator Viktor Morozov on Window on America This Weekend

VOA's Ukrainian audience can tune in Window on America this weekend to see Viktor Morozov, the popular Ukrainian folk singer and authorized translator of the Ukrainian editions of  the best-selling Harry Potter book series.  Earlier in the week, he participated in a live interview on VOA 's Chas-Time TV program.  Morozov took part in the Orange Revolution demonstrations in Kiev and Karkiv that helped ensure a democratic vote and the election of the pro-Western candidate Viktor Yushchenko in December.

Speaking about the role of musicians in contemporary politics, Morozov said that Ukraine needs a burst of "new, young energy" to bring about change, but he hopes that there will soon come a time when they can again focus on the creative side of their work.  Morozov expressed hope that the Parliament will pass laws on philanthropy that will encourage businessmen to support the arts and that the new government will take an affirmative action approach to promoting Ukrainian culture.

During his visit to VOA, Viktor Morozov performed the song "Army of Light" from his upcoming new album.

Window on America airs Saturday nights at 1830 Kiev time (1530 UTC) on Ukraine's State TV network, UT-1.  Programs are also streamed on the web page http://www1.voanews.com/Ukrainian.